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Fillet-brazing is an alternative method of constructing high-quality lightweight bicycle frames without the use of lugs.

Brazing is a joining process employing a filler metal, like brass, that melts below the melting temperature of the parent metal workpiece.

For 41 years, from 1938 to 1978, the Schwinn Bicycle Company of Chicago offered a unique but little-known line of specially constructed lightweight bicycles: The fillet-brazed chrome-molybdenum models, which were tucked into Schwinn's model lineup between the lugged Paramount and flash-welded models like the Varsity and Continental.

Originally produced in Chicago in 1964, Collegiates were 26-inch lightweight bikes in boys' or girls' styles with coaster brakes.She enjoys researching various subjects including health, and holds an Associate of Arts.The Schwinn Bicycle Company is one of the best-known, well-loved bicycle brands the United States has ever seen.Fillet brazing involves building up brass filler metal in a smooth "fillet" around joints.(See illustration below) In this method of bicycle frame construction, "mitering" or cutting the tube ends so that they fit together precisely is critical so that capillary action will draw the molten filler into gaps for a strong joint.

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