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They are posted here as images so the formatting would stay in place. Program in progress" Example: "Master of Arts in Diplomacy, to be completed..." Example: "MS, Computer and Information Science, expected graduation..." Example: "M.

The samples are taken from several resumes in my collection of sample resumes.

Experience: I'm a hard-working professional who cares deeply about my children and career, but I'm also a big nerd. I am a huge believer in the idea that your significant other should be your very best friend in the world. That's why I think it is so important to not jump straight to dating or to being a couple, which makes the whole dating website thing a little counterintuitive. I lost 15 pounds in the first month doing nothing but bodyweight calisthenics. Anything in regards to science and religion, I could just go on all day about.

This is a different sort of resume sample for a Coordinator in a Catering or Special Events Department.

It’s also difficult to differentiate your unique traits from the multitude of those searching for their soul mates on dating websites.

Let’s examine the following real dating profile (it’s from an awesome human being who gave me permission to feature her profile, and yes, she is available).

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It also means I’m not afraid of baggage or responsibility. I'm not sure how well it's going to work out since she's also using the site to actually date....many men are going to be willing to be friend zoned instead of date material unless they are mutually physically unattracted to her! I'd hire you except for the college textbooks (I hate clutter) and religion incompatibility! My friend who is currently doing online dating is actually using it to meet guy friends. Too bad there aren't more guys like you online :-) I'm sure you will have no problem finding the right woman (trusting they're online in your area) with this. Ill talk about whatever girly thing you want to talk about. While you talk about those girly things, Ill actually listen. The only thing that annoyed me was the use of "like" which was reminiscent of a 14 year old girl: "I’m not fat, but I’m not, like, ripped." You can say you aren't fat but not ripped - the whole overuse of 'like' just annoys me, personally. I also don't see books as clutter - I need to build some built-in bookcases so I can put all of mine out. I remember seeing how Flyer wagons and pencils were made and was/am fascinated.