Dating of the caduceus symbol

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Dating of the caduceus symbol

It symbolized the herald of the gods, --Mercury in Rome and Hermes in Greece--who carried a winged wand on which were coiled two serpents, symbolizing male and female.Legend was that Hermes came upon two serpents at war and, in his beguiling manner placed a staff, which Aesculapius had given him (also a symbol used in Medicine), between them whereupon entwining with it, they ceased warring and began loving one another thus expressing unity, fertility, and peace. At this critical juncture in world history, the Caduceus seems a uniquely appropriate symbol for the redirection of hatred and conflict by the staff of a higher Power to produce unification, harmony and peace on earth.Asclepius is the deity associated with healing and medicinal arts in Greek mythology. He became so proficient in healing that he surpassed his father and was believed to be able to evade death and to bring others back to life from the brink of death and beyond. There are many theories for the why the snake is part of the symbol.““It could be a reference to a traditional treatment of a parasitic nematode called Dracunculus medinensis or Guinea worm, in which, doctors would cut a slit in the skin right in its path and, when it poked its head from the wound, take a small stick and slowly wrap the worm around it until it was fully removed.While Hermes was sometimes associated with more roguish elements, in the third century, along with being guardian of health, he came to be connected with theology and philosophy. Marine Hospital Service, the Public Health Service in 1871, The U. Army Medical Corps in 1902, then the Dental Corps, Veterinary Corps, Army Nursing Corps, and the Sanitary Corps. As "Quo Vadis" depicts our upward spiritual journey, "Caduceus" expresses the initial spiritual flow of energy from Creator to Creation.

Another story in Greek mythology states that Hermes had stolen cattle that belonged to his half brother Apollo.The real symbol of medicine or the medical practice is the “rod of Asclepius”.Asclepius is the Greek god of healing and medicine.The infection is relatively rare today, but the same extraction method is still used.” The erroneous usage of the caduceus as the symbol of medicine was popularized by a mistake in 1902 when the US Army Medical Corps adopted it as their insignia.To date, many commercial healthcare organizations use the symbol in US.

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An Indian study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2014 found that – “…awareness of the rod of Asclepius is poor.

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