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When I dipped my toe into the online dating pool a few years ago, I had no idea there was a lingo, a way of describing oneself in a profile, which often bore little resemblance to the actual person.

There seem to be a number of men and women who have learned this lingo -- who talk the talk without walking the walk. I hope my interpretation -- my translation -- of what the words really mean in some profiles can help you avoid some of the more glaring misrepresentations you may find in your own online search for a friend, date, partner or at least give you a smile or a laugh.

But let me be clear that most people, just like you and me, write honestly about themselves with little attempt to appear as someone they are not.

Most people online are genuine in their own search to find a mate. This is about those who are optimistically trying to appear as someone they're not.

So, as a public service, I’m going to tell you what I’ve noticed a lot of women saying in their profiles that is probably not a good idea.

Disclaimer: I specify that these are cliches for "women" to avoid only because they’re the ones whose profiles I've looked at.

I don't know about you, but the guys in my life have never, not once, said "honey, let's go for a moonlit walk on the beach." More often, they'd say, "the game's on in 10 minutes." Another example: if a guy says he likes "cuddling on the couch," he's talking about nothing but unbridled foreplay, sex; he really likes to have sex.

The title text suggests that those who says they like long walks on the beach are being disingenuous, or not forthcoming.So when I read one that's very specific about sex, it sure stands out!I have a saying, "nothing counts until the first meet.And I hope it's a help to you to ferret out these people who parrot phrases and words that they think you'd like to hear and that they think will make them irresistible to you.Lots of guys include the phrase "I love moonlit walks on the beach" in their profiles.

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