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Photos taken in dark outdoors with only available lighting … Anton and I talked about flashes, powerful1000w lamps, but we had to see that available light … We relied on a particular technique, and our equipment, perfectly suited to the toughest work conditions, as for a wedding photographer light is important, especially for creativity.The sets were a dream, perfect location – believe me, I have not seen a nicer park than in Mogosoaia – and I’ve seen some parks in European capitals. Tensile properties of fumed silica filled hydroxylated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) networks were investigated in the current work.Similar to unfilled bimodal networks, unimodal networks filled with concentrated fumed silica exhibit non-Gaussian effect and improved ultimate tensile properties.In a new research report, O'Donnell predicts that world-wide sales of wearable computing devices will grow briskly in the next few years, to 175 million in 2020, up almost eight-fold from his estimate of 22.8 million last year.

Boards containing at least 25% tobacco stalk exhibited excellent termite resistance in laboratory no-choice feeding test against the Asian subterranean termite, Coptotermes gestroi Wasmann. Terrestrial habitats surrounding isolated wetlands are a critical resource for many pond‐breeding amphibian species, yet few studies have examined the terrestrial distribution of post‐metamorphic juveniles and adults.

We studied stomatal density, number of stomatal rows and stomatal conductance of Pinus sylvestriformis and P.

koraiensis needles exposed to elevated CO₂(500 μmol mol⁻¹CO₂) in open-top chambers for 10 years (1999–2009). Coptotermes gestroi; Falcataria moluccana; Nicotiana tabacum; absorption; biomass; manufacturing; mechanical properties; nicotine; particleboards; soaking; subterranean termites; tobacco; waste utilization; wood...

The concept of “hierarchical network” was proposed to depict the networks exhibiting non-Gaussian effect ......

Stomatal number and stomatal conductance are important structural and functional parameters for the assessment of carbon assimilation and water use under elevated CO₂.

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