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The very best, most expensive Waltham watches for all of that roughly 50-year period, from 1859 until maybe 1915 or so, were always labeled American Watch Co. The town of Waltham had become well known, and the name appeared on all of their watches as the location anyway.They got into a trademark dispute with another company that started building watches in Waltham, so they wanted to protect that name, and I think that is the main reason. couldn’t really be protected as a brand name because America was the country.Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just an individual interested in the history of the pocket watch, there’s a long and interesting story behind how one of the world’s most popular accessories came into existence ) and have incorporated new types of technology to make them more accurate.A pocket watch is a type of timepiece that is designed to be worn within a pocket.It's the walk every policeman dreads: Deep into the dark woods in search of a body, led there by a suspected killer who's not only told them where to find his victim, but how he killed her.Police cameras are rolling as the search party stalks through the tangled overgrowth to a clearing, and the body of 17-year-old Ashley Reeves.Tom Mc Intyre talks about antique pocket watches, discussing key manufacturers, the mechanics behind the watches, the varying types, and the collecting hobby in general.Based in Massachusetts, Tom can be reached via his website, American Watch Company Web, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

"I had a strong feeling that he didn't really know anything that was going on." But then the young man's interview yields a game-changing clue.The pocket watch is traditionally secured to a waistcoat, lapel or belt loop with a chain, leather strap or other type of fixture.This prevents the watches from being dropped or easily stolen.Ashley's younger sister Casey tells Elizabeth Smart that Ashley was the one she always looked up to. Hours later, neither Ashley's family nor friends had heard from Ashley.But trouble would find Ashley on the horrible night she'd meet a monster in the woods. Ashley leaves her parents' house in Millstadt, Illinois for an appointment in Fairview Heights, a town almost 15 miles away for a job interview. "Something was different with this case," said Swansea, Ill. "This missing girl, Ashley Reeves, was not answering even texts from any of her friends. "It wasn't too much longer after that, Ashley's car that she had been driving, was found at Laderman Park here in Belleville," said Hundelt. "When you start dealing with missing people you generally tend to focus on the people who are closest around them," said Hundelt. Smith tells detectives he was out of town the night Ashley went missing, and doesn't know a thing.

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I got interested in clocks in 1967, and I started collecting watches fairly seriously in the early ‘80s. Pocket watches are a little bit more manageable, and in some ways more interesting, too.

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