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One spouse must file a petition with the court and a judge decides issues of property, support and custody, much as he would in a divorce.At the end of the litigation, the court issues a decree of legal separation.

Prenuptial agreements are typically used to provide the wealthier party with financial protection, and the less wealthy party with financial security – especially if either party has an asset that may significantly grow during the period of the marriage, or will be giving up future streams of income (such as giving up a career to stay home and raise children).Townsend Ask nearly any Tennessee divorce attorney whether he or she recommends having a client date or become otherwise romantically involved prior to the conclusion of divorce proceedings. Until the divorce decree is signed by the judge, a party is still married in the eyes of the law and technically not free to date.In states such as Tennessee that recognize fault in a divorce case, dating during divorce proceedings can be characterized as adultery, which is a ground for divorce. Upon decreeing the dissolution of a marriage, and also upon decreeing a divorce from the bond of matrimony, or upon the filing with the court as provided in subsection J of a certified copy of a final divorce decree obtained without the Commonwealth, the court, upon request of either party, (i) shall determine the legal title as between the parties, and the ownership and value of all property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, of the parties and shall consider which of such property is separate property, which is marital property, and which is part separate and part marital property in accordance with subdivision A 3 and (ii) shall determine the nature of all debts of the parties, or either of them, and shall consider which of such debts is separate debt and which is marital debt.The court shall determine the value of any such property as of the date of the evidentiary hearing on the evaluation issue.

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The court shall determine the amount of any such debt as of the date of the last separation of the parties, if at such time or thereafter at least one of the parties intends that the separation be permanent, and the extent to which such debt has increased or decreased from the date of separation until the date of the evidentiary hearing.

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