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And they provided him with the opportunity to work with many distinguished actors, including Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter.Radcliffe finds Oldman's and Rickman's careers particularly inspiring, telling While some may wonder whether he lost a part of his youth to the fame and success of Harry Potter, Radcliffe seems to have no regrets about the nearly all-consuming project. For the most part I've been happy every single day.Let’s have a glance at his journey from fanboy to Broadway star and also find out the relationship status in our story today.

These movies actually show him growing up from a tween to a young man.

But as of now, according to sources, he is possibly single and has no girlfriend, so far.

It might be because of his single relationship status he is often speculated as gay, but he has proved that with his girl interest tweets.

He reprised his role in each of the first film’s sequels. With the series' end in 2011, the young actor now works to establish himself as more than just the bespectacled wizard in training.

He went on to perform on Broadway in plays such as The only child of a literary agent and a casting director, Daniel Radcliffe has achieved international stardom for his work in the Harry Potter films, adaptations of the beloved best-sellers by J. Radcliffe made his acting debut in the 1999 television movie proved to be a box-office smash.

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Beard too has experienced a remarkable rise to fame, winning his first ever stage role in Skylight, alongside Mulligan and Nighy, transferring with the play to Broadway and now being nominated for best featured actor on stage at the Tonys.