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Articles: Glaciers, Glacial marine sediment, Ice ages. The beginning of a glacier; the zone in which snowfall exceeds the loss of snow by melting or evaporation.

The key difference between the two designs is found in the way the frog mates with the bottom casting.If you don't wanna be stuck in the quagmire of frog design, best find something else upon which to ponder, like modern day uses of the amazing fiberboard planes, the #193AThe Bailey frog underwent several modifications in an attempt to make it seat better, and cheaper (each and every frog, and its receiving part of the bottom casting, had to be machined for a proper fit).By about 1900, the frog design had pretty much evolved into the design that most of us handtool fundamentalists recognize - the angled bottom that mates to the bottom casting at two areas, one along the rear of the mouth and the other at a raised crossbar that spans the interior width of the bottom casting.Using combined datasets from ground penetrating radar (GPR) and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) we document the variety of tectono-geomorphic features that contribute to the morphology of bedrock scarps associated with active extensional faulting in central Italy.Measurement of faulted offsets across such scarps can provide important fault slip-rate data relevant to seismic hazard analysis if ages can be established for offset features.

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