Dating a cheap man

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Dating a cheap man

Here’s how to tell the difference between the two – because if any of these fit him, he’s likely a cheapskate. He knows enough to leave some sort of tip, but his measly 10% is almost as obnoxious as nothing at all.

Maybe he was taken advantage of financially in his last relationship and has no desire to support someone else, or perhaps he's still trying to heal his broken heart by overspending on things that he hopes will fix it.

It's frustrating to watch my boyfriend living so extravagantly.

He says he wishes he could help me, but then he buys some ridiculously expensive item he doesn't need. From what you tell me, the Grand Canyon should have formed by now.

Money surely isn’t everything, but if your guy refuses to spend any of his on you, it’s something to worry about.

It’s one thing if he’s legitimately broke or saving for a house for your future, it’s another if he’s just downright cheap.

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