Date my ex jo lucas not dating

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PM PT -- We spoke to Andre who tells us, "I found [Jennette's comments] funny.

There's a lot of false info in there, but I'll be the mature person about the situation and let it die out."Andre also posted a Vine video moments ago that seems to be a response to the story in which he says, "Sometimes you gotta live and learn by the mistakes you make.

But while Scarborough is also divorced — since 2013 — the TV duo have never confirmed they’re romantically involved. They are constantly together, they arrive and leave events together, even on weekends.

An MSNBC spokesperson confirmed to Page Six, “Mika’s divorce was finalized in the past year.

It's easy to condemn Evans as less-than-perfect in the way he's bypassed questions about his sexuality since first breaking out in movies.

But Evans is part of an industry where, counterexamples like Neil Patrick Harris aside, queerness is a major strike against a star.

But Evans, at the very moment he stands at the precipice of major stardom with roles in the franchises, would seem to be living more openly than ever.

He's proof positive that the work of coming out only begins with a declaration of one's sexuality, that being open about identity is both rewarding and deeply challenging Evans, an aspiring star in an industry not historically hospitable to gay people, has long been living in the aftermath of interviews, conducted very early in his career, in which he described himself as a gay man, most notably this interview with gay publication The In that 2002 interview, Evans said he refused to remain in the closet: "[E]verybody knew me as a gay man, and in my life in London I never tried to hide it." He had no need to, as a stage actor in London's West End.

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They have remained friends, and have agreed to star in an unusual dating show in which Jo’s many suitors must live in Slade’s house as they compete for her affection.