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Hayes's second solo album The Tension and the Spark marked a change of direction for the singer-songwriter, showing experimentation with electronica and darker lyrics. ular" saying it was "A twistered masterclass in career reintervention...In 2015, he created a comedy podcast titled The He Said He Said Show.Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set.This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.In 1993, Hayes answered an advertisement in a magazine, placed by Daniel Jones, for a lead vocalist position in the band called Red Edge.After dating for two years, Darren Hayes married his husband Richard Cullen on June 19, 2006 in London, via a civil partnership. uk spoke to lead singer Darren Hayes to find out what we didn’t know we didn’t know… The meaning behind Crash And Burn ‘Savage Garden was a roller coaster experience. I was under pressure because of success of first record, plus I’d just come out.’ 2.But I still meet people today who’ll say ‘who was that song about? He quit his job as a supply teacher the day the video I Want You came out on TV ‘Everyone advised me not to pursue a career in music and expected me to go into law.

"You are about to waste 160 million hard earned Australian tax dollars on what is essentially an opinion poll even though you’re aware, as are all Australians, that an estimated 72 per cent of the nation is already in favor [sic] of equal marriage," he writes, adding: "Imagine what you could do with that money instead?

It’s 20 years since Aussie duo Savage Garden hit the music scene and changed Pop as we knew it. The hair, the style, the lyrics that spoke to us no matter what happened, from Joseph Elliot breaking our hearts and choosing our best mate over us, to the biology teacher who shamed us for drawing a penis in our exercise book during sex ed. 20 years after albums Savage Garden and Affirmation, and hit singles Truly Madly Deeply, To The Moon And Back and Crash And Burn, is there anything about the band we lived and breathed for four years, the band who broke our hearts when they brutally split, that we didn’t know? By the second album I was living in New York, my whole life had changed. And the meaning behind Two Beds And A Coffee Machine ‘It’s a song about how I grew up.

Whatever the situation, there was a SG hit for that. My dad was a violent alcoholic and he beat my mother. There were a lot of manufactured bands – of which I love.

I was emotionally torn to pieces and constantly wounded.

Years later, I have a lot of compassion for that confused kid who gave his heart away to any stranger who seemed remotely kind.

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My dad told me I would end up living in the gutter if I pursued music, so I ended up at uni studying a teaching degree just to please him.

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