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The march toward larger and larger districts has been driven chiefly by a desire for improved efficiency. “Digest of Education Statistics 2003, (NCES 2005-025).” Washington, DC: U. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, p. [*] This ex post facto investigation into the actual effects of consolidation is perhaps not as useful as an investigation undertaken before the policy had been aggressively pursued for half a century, but "there you have it," as the British say.

But by 1980, the nation’s public schools were spending nearly 10 times as much per student as they had in 1920, even after adjusting for inflation.[3] Not surprisingly, researchers eventually noticed that spending was rising despite the growth in average district size and began investigating whether larger districts really did spend less per pupil.[*] Most of the research on the relationship between school district size and spending has found that there are some "economies of scale" in public education — that larger districts do indeed have lower per-pupil operating expenditures than their smaller counterparts.

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