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Sarah followed and played her legacy advantage (which was her last chance to do so), which gave her immunity.Fight 2: Pam Anderson shoved Ru Paul's shoe through her eye socket. Fight 3: Both Hanson and The Spice Girls are crushed by the light rigging after Marilyn Manson cuts through the supports with a chainsaw.His motive for doing this was explained in a pre-fight interview from earlier in the episode, in which Manson expressed his dislike for both bands.Top to bottom, I thought the fill was really very good, with the small exception of a minor dupe between ST. Could’ve been fixed with STEM/TAMER instead of STES/TASER, I think. As the title suggest, “O” is “U.” The theme is solid and consistent and just a smidgen too easy for me, although if you don’t know Coe College, it could be hard to get an early foothold.I didn’t find most of the answers all that funny, with the exception of “Hume, Sweet Hume.” Perhaps to make up for the relatively easy theme, some of the fill is more obscure than usual.

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Troyzan then played his immunity idol that he held onto for most of the game.