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Catholic Social Teaching is related to social ministry because it offers wisdom and guidance on dealing with the social issues of our day.It analyzes economic, political and societal influences and offers a synthesis of the issues with an eye towards creating a society that is more fair and equal.This teaching is rooted in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures as well as in traditional philosophical and theological teachings of the Church.In 1891, Pope Leo XIII issued an encyclical entitled “Rerum Novarum”, On the Condition of Labor.

By this time, one group of men would bear the body and a second group of men would march beside them in the procession, holding the hem of the pall to keep it from blowing off in the wind.The crowning achievement of the Initiative was the Bishops' 2009 pastoral letter, Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.The Initiative's other activities included: a research study on Catholics and marriage; ; an analysis of diocesan marriage preparation policies; and dialogues with social scientists and theologians.“Clearly, the expression Catholic Social Teaching is elastic, sometimes designating an expansive body of material and at other times used in a more constricted sense to identify a limited number of papal and episcopal writings dating from the papacy of Leo XIII.Perhaps we can understand the term Catholic Social Teaching as an effort by the pastoral teachers of the church to articulate what the broader social tradition means in the era of modern economics, politics and culture.” To learn more about the principles, visit the United Sates Conference of Catholic Bishops themes of Catholic social teaching web page.

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In military or State funerals, the national flag serves as a pall over the casket.

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