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Co-owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle are seeking 0 million for the Pittsburgh Penguins, according to a report by TSN. Forbes magazine valued the Penguins at 5 million last year. NHL team, sports economist Drew Dorweiler told TSN.The next year, he met Bill Clinton, who was running for President, and the two found a ready kinship.

Shortly after buying the estate, he hosted a fund-raiser for Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose campaign he served as a finance chair.

Lemieux, Burkle and a group of minority owners bought the franchise for 7 million out of bankruptcy in 1999.

The NHL is expected to charge at least 0 million for possible expansion teams.

American Apparel (APP) needs help, both with money and with cleaning up its sleazy image.

A rescuer on the first front may be at hand -- billionaire Ron Burkle, who recently disclosed he's acquired 6 percent of the company's stock for the bargain price of just under million.

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