Bald men dating service

Posted by / 28-Sep-2016 14:52

If someone were to do the same study on fat women, everyone would be after them for being insensitive. If physical attraction wasn't an issue and bald men could equally attract beautiful women as men with full manes then I don't think balding would be an issue at all.

For example, there has always been the idea that we actually feel attracted to people who have the same symmetrical shape to their face as we do. As for guys being baldheaded, dark or blond, that romantic attachment is pretty easy to figure out.

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A hair-raising new survey has found that Singaporean women are a picky bunch — two-thirds of the country’s women won’t date a bald man.

The results come from a local dating app called Paktor, which surveyed its 2,845 users.

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Those polled were between ages 18 and 50, and were equal parts men and women.