Bachelor kacie b dating

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I don't actually know, I've never fallen in love with anyone on a TV show, unless watching Mallory on when I was nine counts.But Kacie B, if that's even your name anymore, you absolutely can't let it do something to your head. At this late stage in the game, Ben Flajnik has made it clear that he has a type: independent, confident, fun-loving “ladies.” All four of the final ladies in the game - Kacie B., Lindzi, Courtney and Nicki - fall easily into that category.

Yet suddenly I'm worried you're not that girl anymore.

On Monday night's third episode of Sean's season, you sure seemed like somebody else.

However foolishly, you came back for another go at finding manufactured love, as the experienced veteran with all the moves, the one who'd seen it all before.

He flies all the contestants up to Sonoma, so they can see him in his element. He gives her a brief and basic piano lesson, and they walk through a candy shop. "And you being here has kind of reaffirmed the decision for me." STORY: ' The Bachelor' Season 16 Premiere's 10 Most Ridiculous Moments From the Show But the date's not over yet!

The couple go to an empty theater, and then watch a slideshow of Kacie and Ben's home videos.

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Ben gives her a magical kiss, and they make it to the top. STORY: ' The Bachelor' Season 16 Premiere: 10 Most Ridiculous Moments From the Show The Group Date Ben takes the group of 11 ladies to ski on the streets of San Francisco.