Baby consolidating naps to one nap who is zack ephron dating

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Baby consolidating naps to one nap

Luckily there are some patterns that many parents and pediatricians alike swear by.

I hear questions like: “He’s a year old now, so shouldn’t we be dropping to one nap soon?

How do I know if my child is ready for the transition? The whole process might take up to 10 days before things settle and she’s on a new schedule. You may not be able to, and should not, do this in one day. You may want to do a day or two of one nap, and then a day or two of two naps to keep your child from getting too overtired.4.

On the days she takes only one nap that still isn’t long enough, make sure to push bedtime a little earlier.

You want to make sure you avoid an overtired child at bedtime, which can start causing early rising. When your child does transition to one nap, it may be only be the length of one of her naps from before.

For example, if your child was taking two naps of 1.5 hours each, when she goes to one nap, she will probably initially take one 1.5 hours nap.

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” or “She actually hasn’t been falling asleep for the second nap for several days now. ” The truth of the matter is that when babies are ready, we actually transition to one nap by consolidating the two naps (morning and afternoon) into one nap.

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