Army men dating service

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Army men dating service

Military, you're looking for someone with the courage, loyalty, and devotion to dedicate their life to serving their country.

In the wake of the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament closed the port of Boston to ships with its passage of the Boston Port Act, which took effect June 1, 1774.It was the first of the Coercive, or Intolerable Acts, five laws passed by the British Parliament to suppress resistance to its authority over the American colonies.The second act, the Massachusetts Government Act of May 20, 1774, stripped the colony of its sovereignty. Thomas Gage, the commander in chief of British forces in North America and royal governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, invoked the new law in October 1774 and dissolved the provincial assembly. Abbey, illustrates a reality of American politics in 1774-1775.Since its official establishment, June 14, 1775 — more than a year before the Declaration of Independence — the U. Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation.Drawing on both long-standing militia traditions and recently introduced professional standards, it won the new republic's independence in an arduous eight-year struggle against Great Britain.

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