Ali mcginley and niall horan dating Sex chat no singups

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By the way the girl in this pics is Ali Mc Ginley, who might be Niall’s real girlfriend on 2012.

And no, Niall doesn’t have Harry Styles’s casual weirdo appeal (here’s a photo of Styles’s most recent outfit).

Frankly, I’d be kind of excited if they were dating. Sure, he’s not as smolderingly handsome as former 1Der Zayn Malik, but Zayn is possibly spoken for, so he’s out of contention. I know they’re just hedging their bets and playing it safe on the whole Bieber thing, but still.

Dressing casually, each of them was holding a drink while being surrounded by some other youngsters in a room.

The alleged lovebirds were featured cuddling up to each other while sitting on a chair in two other photos. He, however, tweeted on Sunday, May 6 about his fun outing.

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