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Cool to have SCINTILLA and ONE FOR ALL flanking the central theme answer.

Barring any added commonality, some humor would have sold me on the theme, but none of the made-up phrases struck my funny bone.

So hatten es die Headcoaches, die Team-Kapitäne und ausgewählte Medienvertreter gesehen.

In der Spielzeit 2014/2015 war Morgan als „Vierer“ Mitglied des All-Second-Teams.

What Rudy Rucker presents and champions is the last and finally successful battle in the culture war dating back to the Transcendental Movement of the nineteenth century that peaked in the 1960s.

But there is something else to this novel, a characterological sweetness combined with a political passion the nature of which might cause Rucker to deny that it political...

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I was mired in the 1-Across corner for a surprisingly long time. [Full of sound and fury] clue for ALL TALK seemed a little off base, the question-marked clue [Mine craft?