50 cent mya dating

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50 cent mya dating

"We took pictures with each other in Australia at the 2008 MTV Awards and I posted the picture," he insisted.

PHOTOS: 50 gets political Having sidestepped a second controversial answer, it was onto the final question.

Mya ended up becoming involved with Game and she became a topic when their beef was high-profile.The 'In Da Club' rapper and his former protege are conducting a war of words over the beauty in their most recent songs.In 50's latest track, 'Not Rich - Still Lying', he targets The Game - saying he was with Mya before the new hip-hop star was famous.There was never anyone who properly addressed the relationship between Mya and 50 Cent.On his singles, 50 Cent only addressed the women who co-starred in his music videos.

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