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I suspect this friend then went off to make herself some popcorn in preparation for the presumed inevitable mind-losing that will occur in the comments.

That’s what I am to you people: cheap entertainment. I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but I’ll go a little more in detail about it now.

We both laughed as the cemetery passed behind us around the corner of punchbowl.

Examples of the working model of Hawaii’s multiculturalism can be seen in just about every living, breathing institution of daily life we see today.

He is also known for his advocacy for children on a wide range of policy issues including improvements to the foster care system, a framework to support homeless teens, the crack-down on human trafficking, and the protection and welfare of children on a wide range of issues including abuse, wellness, and public safety.

For the 85th Legislative Session, Parker was re-appointed as Chairman of the House Committee on Investments and Financial Services.

I had taken the superstitious precaution to keep a bunch of Ti leaves in my car with some Hawaiian salt to sprinkle just in case.

Initially elected to office in 2006, Parker is an effective champion for economic development, job creation, tax relief, appraisal reform, border security, and promoting fiscally responsible government spending.Foundations repaired by Straight Line are guaranteed to last for years.If you live in or around Fort Worth, Dallas, or Abilene, Texas and need a foundation repair specialist you can trust, contact Straight Line Foundation Repair & Drainage today.At Straight Line Foundation Repair & Drainage, our commitment to customer service is unparalleled.Straight Line Foundation Repair in Dallas, Fort Worth & Abilene takes pride in giving every valued client a solution that will last a lifetime.

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The committee has oversight over matters pertaining to the state banking system, savings and loan associations, the regulation of securities and investments, cybersecurity, and a number of other financial issues to keep Texas financial industry strong.