4 cam shat carbon dating of ram sethu

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4 cam shat

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But, if we leave the intake valve open just a fraction of a second longer, the momentum of that fast moving air/fuel mixture continues to force more of the mixture into the cylinder (scavenging effect) as the piston starts its compression stroke (return to top of cylinder).

The higher lift rates will provide the explosive power that is needed for most racing situations.

Performance Level 1Level 1 indicates a good stock replacement camshaft.

What this means is that we want to keep the intake valve open as long as possible, but as you can figure out, keeping it open too long has a detrimental effect on power.

You could spend hours on the computer reading and learning about how a camshaft works, and what the terms like lift, duration, and valve events are, but we wanted do a simple test in regards to camshaft timing.

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The lower lift rates will reach higher RPM, provide more durability, need less spring pressure and less valve train modification to lighter components.

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