106 park rocsi terrence dating

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106 park rocsi terrence dating

and Rocsi Diaz, long time hosts of BET's ”106 & Park, might be leaving the show.

Both are interested in pursing other endeavors — namely, acting — full-time Terrence J.

She graduated from West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana. After growing up in New Orleans, she launched her career in Dallas, Texas, as a host on the city’s premier urban radio station, 97.9 The Beat.

Here, Rocsi cultivated a unique, street-smart style that caught the attention of Boston’s Hot 97.7, where she later became a DJ.

currently has a recurring role on “The Game” as well as a starring role in “Think Like a Man.” Diaz, who hosted "106 & Park" for seven years, has reportedly landed a role in a film starring Lynn Whitfield.

She also appeared in “Gang of Roses 2: The Next Generation,” the sequel to the 2003 western action film that starring Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye.

I guess that’s what happens when you are f***ing your co-host. Now she gunna ruin her career, I wonder how it’s gunna be when or if she comes back! Since she’s so good about walking away, she should have walked away from Lisa Raye’s husband.Well she has the right to be mad, I mean c’mon everybody says he joking,but saying oh ”why don’t you have a body like ciara” is like a punch in a face,and especially when she talked about her problem with being bulimic as a teen,and has low self esteem issues about her body on the show sitting next to him,so he was TRYING to be rude. Now, Terri (yes you deserve a girl name) How dare you be that ignorant to become one the very same problems that presently ill the African- American male society and disrespect a sister period, not to mention on national TV with your little high school demeanor.It’s dudes just like you who are the poisons of the young black male minds that are suppose take our pride, as a culture, to new found heights of respect. I have often heard you make remarks about how to respect a woman. NOTE: Julius Caesars Roman Empire declined not because of betrayal, but because he couldn’t follow his own advice.Now, after seven years, Rocsi & Terrence J prepare to say goodbye to .Despite the rumors that the duo were let go, their contracts were only for seven years and the time has come for them to pass the torch on to a new pair of fresh faces. Terrence J’s acting career is on fire thanks to cameos on BET’s The Game and starring roles in the smash hit .

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The only thing with this is who will be the next hosts of 106 & Park since they decided to put there personal issues on the air? They don’t even play the whole damn videos anymore so wtf is supposed to entertain people!?!?!?!? OKay, now what terrance did was straight OD to the fullest, but Rocsi should of not been a punk, and let him do that to her, she should of got back on him, but instead she walks off, wow, good one! WOW…AND HE SED HE WAS JUS KIDDING AND JOKING AROUND BUT U CAN TELL HE WAS TRYNA BE RUDE AND GET AT HER… I realize that she had a problem with bulimia in her past, but she should be prepared…….after all, it’s tv—-things like this are going to happen.